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Active Motion Massage Therapeutic Bodywork incorporates evidence based manual therapy and bodywork to treat common pain conditions and movement restrictions in your body. I will take a client history, assess your movement patterns, palpate your muscles and test your range of motion, in order to develop a game plan that will help bring your body back into balance and away from pain. 

I will incorporate multiple manual therapy techniques like Deep Neuromuscular TherapyDeep Tissue Massage,  Myofascial ReleaseMyoskeletal Alignment TherapySports MassageTrigger Point ReleaseOrtho-bionomy®, and Yoga Based Stretching to create an effective and unique blend of therapeutic bodywork that caters to your body's needs. This also includes work on your nervous system and your proprioception. For more details of my work, please visit I look forward to seeing you soon!

Schedule an appointment today to learn about your body and to experience an alternative form of bodywork that's effective and long lasting! I accept Paypal, Credit Cards, HSA, Checks, and Cash. Cash or Checks are always preferred to save on processing fees. :)

Send me an email if you wish to be on the cancellation list. Please indicate your available day and time. You can also check the calendar periodically for new openings.

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